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Cressy St Standstill

Cressy St Standstill

Cressy Street Works Delayed Due To Border Restrictions

The upgrade works in Cressy Street, Deniliquin, will be delayed due to border restrictions Edward River Council has advised.

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Quarrell Civil Construction, a Bunbartha based company has had 12 Victorian workers on site since works began in May, with nine of those including supervisors now awaiting advice regarding border permits.

“When further border restrictions were put in place late last week, Quarrell immediately sought clarification on the requirements for their Victorian workers. They are also working with sub-contractor Barnett’s Deniliquin to continue with water mains work,” Edward River Council’s interim general manager John Rayner said.

“Local sub-contractors have been engaged where ever possible on the project however some positions could not be sourced locally,” he said.

Two Quarrell staff, based in Deniliquin will continue to maintain the worksite.

“We are approximately 66% of the way through the project and the impact of border closures will delay the completion date unfortunately. Quarrell is doing all possible to minimise disruption including moving the temporary fencing away from the shops as far as possible to increase the footpath width.

“The footpath at the Edwardes street end of Cressy Street has also been re-opened.”

Mr. Rayner said work on the business side of Cressy Street had progressed well with the contractor working day and evening shifts over the last two weeks.

“A majority of the underground power, stormwater and mains water lines have been installed.

“Quarrell has a Victorian based worker that qualifies for a NSW critical service work permit and will manage the site while Barnett’s undertake the water mains connections.”

Council will be working with businesses on the timing of these connections as a priority.

“We are in discussions with the Cross Border Commissioner to see if there is a way of obtaining critical service permits for the remainder of Quarrell’s key supervisors and workers, so works can continue beyond the water mains works,” Mr. Rayner said.

“Regrettably due to the current restrictions once the water mains connections have been completed, further works will cease until key supervisors can obtain permits to work in NSW.

“We fully appreciate the inconvenience to local businesses and shoppers and have ensured our concerns have been noted with the Cross Border Commissioner,” Mr. Rayner said.

Edward River Council staff is today visiting all affected businesses in Cressy Street to offer support and advice.

“The impact of Covid-19 is being felt by us all. Whilst our area remains free of the virus, we understand the inconvenience and impact on local businesses this virus is having and will continue to do our best to ensure these delays are as short term as possible in the current circumstances,” Mr. Rayner said.

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