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Fire Claims Moama House

Fire Claims Moama House

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Elderly Resident Loses Everything

A house fire on Monday night has left an elderly Moama resident with few possessions to his name.

Officer in Charge for the Western Sectors of the Murray River Police District, Inspector Paul Huggett, says the fire started while the resident was working in his shed, and despite using fire extinguishers, the blaze eventually destroyed the man’s home.

"At this stage it appears the elderly gentleman was doing some tinkering in his shed and the fire's started. He's used a couple of fire extinguishers to try to put it out, however the fire took hold, it's gotten into the roof cavity and the poor old boy's lost his entire house and all of his possessions. he's got a few health concerns as well, so it's just another knock that he doesn't need.

The house is completely gutted."

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Inspector Huggett is now calling on community support to get the resident back on his feet.

"I spoke to (Murray River) Council and they're going to supply me with a brand new blue recycling bin. I'm a big believer of community-based policing and he's certainly part of our community.

He's got significant health concerns and he's lost absolutely everything so I'll put this bin at the front door of the station and it will remain there for a week or so.

I'm calling on the community to donate whatever clothing that they have spare or they think this poor old boy will need.

He's size 30 pants, that's inches around the waist, he's got a medium shirt and size 10 footwear. So now's the perfect time for the community to rally and donate as much as they can of what they're not using to try to help this old boy rebuild his life."

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