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Image: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force

Speedy Long Weekend

Speedy Long Weekend

Image: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force

NSW Police Disappointed with Speeding Drivers

NSW Police have been disappointed by behaviour on the roads during Operation Slow Down during the long weekend.

Locally, Officer in Charge for the Western Sectors of the Murray River Police District, Inspector Paul Huggett, says he is bewildered by the number of speeding notices issued across the district.

"The Long Weekend was fantastic for us, we did really well.

Of course the Ute Muster was on and we had a heap of traffic through the district.

However we had no significant collisions or anything like that.

An absolute concern across the district obviously we had Operation Slowdown as well.

The Police performed some 2700 RBT's, however we had 125 speeding infringement notices issued which, that's just disgusting.

We all know the message that speed kills and that's a fact.

To have 125 infringement notices issued across the district for speeding is just really disheartening."

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Inspector Huggett says the vast majority of patrons at the Deni Ute Muster were well behaved, and praised the Muster Committee for its management and planning.

"The Ute Muster went off very well.

The drug detection dog detected an amount of cannabis buried deep inside a barbecue chicken that one of the punters tried to bring into the ground, so that just shows the capabilities of our animals in detecting these offences to sniff that amount of drugs inside a barbecue chicken.

But across the board the weekend was really good the Ute Committee does an excellent job in managing it, and with their continual improvement process after 20 years they get better and better and work out what they can fix up for next year.

With over 23,000 patrons couple with 5,000-odd volunteers, that makes for one massive effort."

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